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  • The Zoom recording is available via the above link. The recording and annotated notes are also available via On-line Notes.
    updated Mon Jun 14th 12:40 pm
  • Design Project
    The design project will be worked in teams of 2 people. If you have a preference of who you would like to work with, let me know by next Tuesday.
    updated Fri Jun 11th 8:54 am
    SSO will be required. See instructions at
    updated Sat May 22nd 4:06 pm
  • Homework Stats
    Reinf Masonry1071.999.6
    updated Mon Jun 14th 12:42 pm
  • Fire Testing of Masonry Walls
    The ASTM fire test requires the wall to be subjected to a specified temperature-time curve, and then remain intact when with a fire hose. If the wall does not pass the hose test, the standard allows a second specimen to be used that is subjected to a much lower temperature-time curve, and then that specimen has to pass the hose test.

    Here are videos for a 2 hour fire test.

    Which wall would you prefer?

    updated Wed Jun 9th 12:52 pm
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