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  • End of Semester Notes

    I sincerely enjoyed working with you all this semester. I know this course has been challenging, in particular after moving online, and I appreciate all your hard work and understanding throughout the process. I hope you found the course useful and continue learning how to use your computer to engage with data. I have a few administrative announcements to wrap up the semester:

    • The final exams have been graded. You may see your score and view your graded exam on your gradesheet.
    • You can view your final letter grade via the EF 151 web site (it will be at the top of your gradesheet) and via myutk.utk.edu
    • Not happy with your grade? We are happy to review it with you, but we would like you to review the final grade FAQ before contacting us. Please also first check to make sure it will make a difference in your final grade. The grade estimator is a great tool for that.
    • The 50% deadline for quiz questions, including prelab quizzes, has been extended to midnight May 10. This may be particularly useful for folks who fall just below a grade breakpoint. If you choose to do this your final grade will not be updated automatically, we will re-compute final grades on May 11.

    Have a great break!

    - Dr. Maczka

    updated Tue May 5th 1:53 pm
  • Review your scheduled time to take the final. You may freely select any of the three available sections up until the first day of exams.

    At the start of your exam time, join the EF 105 Zoom meeting for assistance getting started. You may close zoom once you are confident you are off to a good start. Rejoin if needed for clarification questions or help getting files submitted.

    updated Mon Apr 27th 9:06 pm
  • Please complete the EF End of Semester Feedback Survey. It is due by midnight Apr 30.
    updated Thu Apr 23rd 9:26 am
  • TNVoice is now open for Spring 2020 via the link above. (TNVoice stands for Tennessee Volunteer Online Instructor & Course Evaluation and is the name for student evaluation of instruction.) Please complete the evaluation and upload a screen shot of the completion screen to THIS DROPBOX LINK to receive extra credit. The evaluation must be completed by April 30. Note:TN Voice is designed to evaluate the instructor of record for the course, Dr. Maczka, not your TA. If you feel your interaction with Dr. Maczka not sufficient for you to adequately answer a specific question, please answer the question as "0 - Not Applicable". Thanks!
    updated Tue Apr 21st 9:34 am
  • Hello all,

    While we are still finalizing details regarding the structure of EF 105 after Spring Break, one thing you can do now to prepare is to make sure you can run MATLAB and access the files on your H-drive from your personal computer. As a fall-back, I encourage you to save a copy of your current H-drive files to a flash drive, email it to yourself, or to another cloud storage option such as Google Drive that you already know how to access from your own computer.

    The easiest way to run MATLAB on your own computer is remotely via apps.utk.edu. If you access MATLAB this way, it will also automatically see your H-drive from within the application. You can access any of your H-drive files using MATLAB's file browser.

    If you are running a version of MATLAB that you installed locally on your computer, you will need to take additional steps to access the files on your H-drive. Instructions are linked on the OIT Resources page of the EF105 website. Note that for off-campus access you will also need to follow the linked instructions to set up a VPN connection.

    Please seek help early if you are having difficulty accessing either MATLAB or your H-drive files on your own computer.

    updated Fri Mar 27th 9:38 am
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