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  • Exam 2 Grades / End of Semester Notes (Updated)
    Updated 12/15
    • Final course grades are displayed on your gradesheet. Please review your exam score and final grade. The deadline for regrade requests is 5pm Wednesday, December 16. Please first check that the request would actually change your final grade. The "Grade Estimator" linked on your gradesheet is a good tool for this.
    • The exam 2 scores have been posted. For reference you will see scores for the individual parts with a weight of '0', the final calculated score is "Exam 2".
    • Extra credit from work on a 6th problem is accounted for in the "Exam 2 Adjustment".
    • Letter grades have been posted to
    • Not happy with your grade? I are happy to review it with you, but please review the final grade FAQ before contacting us.
    • Thank you for a successful semester, I hope you enjoyed the course. Please feel free to contact me with spreadsheet, coding, or general data analysis questions in the future. Have a relaxing and enjoyable break!
    updated Tue Dec 15th 9:58 am
  • Update: Labs 11 and 12 Grades

    Update: Lab 12 auto-scored grade is posted. Corrections deadline extended to December 11.

    Grades for Labs 11 and 12 will be split into two components:
    1. An automatically-scored component listed in the Quiz section of your grade sheet. This will be scored based on how your code runs. Click the link in the grade sheet to view comments on the rubric to learn what to fix. If you received a 0 for either exercise it is likely that your file names do not follow the naming convention specified in the lab write-up. You may re-submit your files to improve this score up until December 9. The grades will not be updated automatically, but roughly once a day.
    2. A human-scored "Aesthetics" component that will be listed in the "Participation" section of your gradesheet. If your scripts ran automatically, this will be scored based on the output displayed in the preview. If your scripts did not run due to errors, we will do our best to interpret what output and figures the script *would* produce if it ran. We will not re-grade the "Aesthetics" component once it is scored.
    updated Tue Dec 8th 8:34 pm
  • End of Semester Checklist

    No regular class Monday, November 23 or Tuesday, November 24. Instead review the information below for extra help sessions scheduled for those days.

    updated Mon Nov 23rd 11:33 am
  • TNVoice is now open for Fall 2020 via the link above. (TNVoice stands for Tennessee Volunteer Online Instructor & Course Evaluation and is the name for student evaluation of instruction.) Please complete the evaluation and upload a screen shot of the completion screen to THIS DROPBOX LINK to receive extra credit. The evaluation must be completed by midnight December 1.

    Note:TN Voice is designed to evaluate the instructor of record for the course, Dr. Maczka, not your TA. If you feel your interaction with Dr. Maczka have not been sufficient to adequately answer a specific question, please answer the question as "0 - Not Applicable".


    updated Mon Nov 16th 8:58 pm
  • Initial final exam times have been assigned according to your class meeting time following the university time table. You may change your scheduled exam time to any other available section with spots available. Follow the link in the title of this announcement to view or change your final exam time.
    updated Fri Nov 6th 5:47 pm
  • Lab 9 Partial Rubric Grades
    I have made the Lab 9 File Upload item visible in your gradebook so you can check the results of the automated tests. Please note we are still in the process of grading the "Aesthetics" section of the rubric, so if those items are blank for you it just means we have not gotten to your submission yet. The other items add up to 85 points for full credit on the automated checks. Please pay special attention to any comments regarding file paths or errors.
    updated Wed Nov 11th 4:40 pm
  • Update: 209 Classroom Relocation
    To avoid construction and construction noise, sections that normally meet in Perkins 209 will meet in alternate locations for the remainder of the semester:

    M 3:30 - All Online
    T/R 8:10 - Perkins 319 (merged)
    T/R 9:50 - Perkins S10
    T/R 11:30 - Perkins S10. Tuesday section will be all online.
    T/R 1:10pm - Perkins 319
    T/R 2:50pm - Perkins 319 (merged)
    T/R 4:30pm - Perkins 319 (merged)

    Both of these classrooms can only accommodate 20 people. Based on recent in-person attendance it is unlikely that we will hit that limit, but just be aware.

    As always, if you are scheduled to attend in-person you may always choose to join virtually any given week.

    updated Tue Nov 3rd 1:19 pm
  • Feedback Forms Open for 50% Late Credit
    We have adjusted the settings for feedback forms and they will now remain open for 50% credit from their due date until the end of the semester. Please refer to the summary pages of past labs to complete past-due feedback forms.
    updated Mon Oct 19th 3:32 pm
  • Zoom Meeting IDs

    Use the Zoom meeting ID/link associated with the start time of your class section:

    8:10, 3:30pm: 922 7286 1710
    9:50, 11:30, 1:10pm: 914 0468 0784

    You must be logged into your UTK Zoom Account to access these meeting rooms. Follow the link and select "Create or Edit Account" and log in with your NetID and password.

    updated Mon Aug 24th 8:09 am
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