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  • Project Requirements
    As part of the project, each team is required to construct a prototype of a toy, game, or app. That does not necessarily mean that all members of the team must be involved in all aspects of constructing the prototype. If some team members are on campus and others are not, you can think about how to delegate the responsibilities s that everyone participates.

    For example, if you need to have something 3D printed, you can design it remotely and then send it to the ICS for printing, so not everyone would physically have to be on campus to do that. If no one on your team is able to come to campus at all or meet to construct a physical prototype, you might want to think about making an app instead since that can be done completely remotely.

    Next week, you just need to propose your idea to the class, so it is not required to have a prototype constructed by then. However, you should be thinking about how you will do that because in the next stage of the project, you will need to actually make something to present to the class during your final presentation.

    updated Wed Feb 24th 10:59 am
  • If you attend lab virtually, but would like to take your exam in person, please use the link in this announcement to sign up. Sign ups must be complete by Wednesday 3/3 at 5pm
    updated Wed Feb 24th 11:01 am
  • Prep Assignment Reminder
    Prep 2.1458100.0100.0
    Prep 2.2458100.0100.0
    Prep 2.3460100.0100.0
    Prep 2.4449100.0100.0
    Prep 2.553100.0100.0
    updated Fri Feb 12th 9:02 am
  • Practice Assignment Reminder
    Practice 2.145495.4100.0
    Practice 2.244992.4100.0
    Practice 2.345098.0100.0
    Practice 2.434882.0100.0
    Practice 2.52285.4100.0
    updated Fri Feb 12th 9:03 am
  • No Exam Makeups Approved for Personal Travel Moving Forward
    For the remainder of the semester, no exam makeup requests will be approved for personal travel unless that travel is due to illness or a death in the family. Please plan accordingly.
    updated Mon Feb 15th 10:33 am
  • Dr. Ellestad will be hosting Google Office Hours on Fridays from 11:30a - 1p. Feel free to come and ask questions about previous or upcoming topics and assignments. There will be no planned reviews -- this will be Q&A time.
    updated Fri Feb 19th 11:58 am
  • Your exam 1 PDF is now available on your gradesheet. Solutions to exam versions can be found below. Exam regrade requests will be accepted until Friday 2/19/21 at 5pm. Click the link in the announcement title to get to our exam regrade policy and form.
    updated Tue Feb 16th 9:55 am
Common EF Announcements
  • I am looking for volunteers to coordinate Zoom sessions for judges, referees, and middle school robotics teams on the following dates:
    • Saturday March 6th from 12:45p - 3:15p or 3:00p to 5:15p
    • Saturday March 27th from 12:45p - 3:15p or 3:00p to 5:15p

    Your primary responsibility will be to admit middle school robotics teams into a Zoom breakout room based on their judging schedule. This is an easy volunteer opportunity and you can have a great impact on some young, aspiring engineers!

    If you need volunteer hours for class extra credit or a campus requirement and are interested in volunteering, please click on the link above. I will contact you with more info. Thanks! Dr. Ellestad

    updated Tue Feb 23rd 6:43 am
  • ICAMI-The Composites Institute offers a computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining training program starting this spring with an online component and in-person bootcamp-style training at Pellissippi State Community College. This opportunity is open to students in all departments and colleges at no cost to participate! Click on the link for more information.
    updated Mon Feb 1st 12:47 pm
  • Are you interested in 3D Printing but haven't made it out to the ICS yet? The ICS (Perkins Basement) is now offering 3D printing services online. Click the link in the announcement to learn more.
    updated Fri Jan 29th 9:07 am
  • The ICS is open for student work. If you want to work on a personal or school project, click on the link above to make an appointment to work in the ICS. Work is by appointment only right now to maintain COVID restrictions.
    updated Sun Jan 31st 6:48 am
  • Application to be a counselor for the College of Engineering's Pre-College Summer Program are now available. These are paid positions that focus on assisting with summer programs aimed at introducing engineering to high school students. If you are interested or want to learn more, please click the link an this announcement for more information.
    updated Fri Jan 15th 8:25 am
  • Meet alumni from across the country at Networking at Neyland. Practice making a good first impression, understand how to utilize your professional communication skills, and gain career advice all while making connections with UT alumni. Prepare for an exclusive opportunity to help grow your network! Join the UT Center for Career Development & Academic Exploration, Office of Alumni Affairs, and UT Athletics Department for this night of Big Orange connections.
    updated Fri Feb 19th 12:02 pm
  • Guest speaker, March 2 5-6pm: Katherine Anderson, a UTK BME alumni who worked at Intuitive Surgical and started K2A2 consulting
    updated Wed Feb 24th 11:29 am