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  • Monday Office Hours
    If you have any questions about tomorrow's exam, I will be on Zoom today from 2-3 pm! Just use the link below to join our class Zoom room.
    updated Mon Jun 14th 7:46 am
  • updated Thu May 20th 9:11 am
  • If you missed the review today or just want to try it again, click on the link to replay the Kahoot!
    updated Fri Jun 11th 12:35 pm
  • Office Hours from 2-3 Tuesday-Thursday
    Open office hours will be Tuesday-Thursday afternoons from 2-3 pm. If you have any questions or need help finishing your practice assignments, please drop in! Use the Zoom link for lecture and lab to join.
    updated Wed Jun 2nd 2:04 pm
Common EF Announcements
  • The Engineering Fundamentals Program is currently recruiting interested students to apply for a position as an undergraduate assistant (UGAs) for Fall 2021-Spring 2022. UGAs serve in most EF courses as classroom assistants and study room helpers. We are specifically recruiting helpers in EF 105, 151, 152, 157, 158, and 230. To learn more about available positions and to apply, please use the link in this announcement.
    updated Mon Apr 19th 2:48 pm