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Your research paper grade will account for 4% of your total grade and will include grades from three separate assignments:
  • Participation in a Departmental Information Activity which will occur during lecture on Monday Sep 13.
    (Weight = 20)
  • Participation in the Perspectives Fair during recitation on Tue Sep 21 and completion of a survey afterwards.
    (Weight = 20)
  • A Research Paper (see details below) in which you will attend two Perspectives Seminars given by seniors in our twelve different engineering degree programs and answer questions about them.
    (Weight = 100)

Research Paper Requirements

Due: No Later Than Sunday, Nov 21, at 11:59 p.m.

The purpose of this paper is to explore different engineering disciplines and the kinds of activities being conducted in the various engineering programs at UT. Your finished paper needs to be upload by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Nov 21, 2021.

We have planned a series of twelve Perspectives Seminars in which seniors in each of the twelve engineering degree programs offered at UT will give a presentation about their curriculum and experiences they have had such as undergraduate research, study aboard, co-ops, internships, student societies, 5-year BS/MS, etc.

  • You are required to attend at least two of these seminars and write a short paper (see required format below) summarizing what you learned. (You are welcome to attend more than two, but you can only discuss two in your paper.)
  • The paper will be due on Sun Nov 21.
  • The schedule is given below. You must attend the seminars you report on in person. However, these seminars will be recorded and made available afterwards. If you can document that you have a time conflict (e.g., another class) at the time of the seminar that most interests you, you can seek permission (contact Dr. Kit,  before the seminar  to view it online.  If you have serious conflicts that would prevent you from attending any of these seminars, contact Dr. Kit as soon as possible.

Paper Format and Content

  • At the top of the report include the title "EF 157 Research Paper," your name and section.
  • At the beginning of the paper, include the titles of the two seminar, and the names of the presenters.
  • State which major you are planning to pursue and explain why. If you are undecided, explain why you are interested in pursuing an engineering degree.
  • For each of the seminars you attended include the following:
    • A detailed description of one topic that was presented (i.e., research, internships, etc.)
    • Brief descriptions of other topics covered
    • Something that surprised you
    • Something that you might want to pursue further (either in this discipline or another)
  • Discuss whether attendance at these seminars reinforced your choice of engineering major or caused you to want to switch to (or at least consider) another major.
  • The paper should be about 500 - 700 words in length.

Upload PDF file that contains your Research Paper here

Schedule (we are still working to add seminars for Computer Engineering and Civil Engineering)

Even though there are 2 different Mechanical Engineering seminars, you need to write your paper on 2 different programs (i.e, not both ME).

Wed Sep 1 at 7:15PMTickle 405Materials Science and Engineering, Mollie DaniellZoom Recording
Thur Sep 9 at 6:10PMDougherty 416Nuclear Engineering, Kenny BottZoom Recording
Thur Sep 16 at 6:10PMDougherty 416Computer Science, Owen QueenZoom Recording
Wed Sep 22 at 7:15PMTickle 405Mechanical Engineering I, Heidi SeussZoom Recording (unfortunately there is no audio)
Wed Oct 6 at 7:15PMTickle 405Aerospace Engineering, Sam PankratzZoom Recording
Thur Oct 14 at 6:10PMDougherty 416Electrical Engineering, Will TroutZoom Recording
Wed Oct 20 at 7:15PMTickle 405Civil Engineering, Lily Parker & Sam JurekZoom Recording
Thur Oct 21 at 6:10PMDougherty 416Industrial Engineering, Rachel FisherZoom Recording
Wed Oct 27 at 7:15PMTickle 405Biomedical Engineering, Megan HinesZoom Recording
Thur Nov 4 at 6:10PMDougherty 416Biosystems Engineering, Brea SorrellsZoom Recording
Wed Nov 10 at 7:15PMTickle 405Mechanical Engineering II, Kassidy BooneZoom Recording
Thur Nov 11 at 6:10PMDougherty 416Chemical Engineering, Olivia LazarZoom Recording
Thur Nov 18 at 6:10PMDougherty 416Computer Engineering, Vishal AielyZoom Recording