EF 230 Procedures

Makeup Quizzes/Exams

When possible, switch to another timeslot using the posted link on the announcements page prior to the start of your scheduled slot, instead of requesting a makeup quiz.
  • Makeup Quizzes/Exams will be given for:
    • medical reasons
    • Non-medical circumstances: emergency travel, family emergencies, extenuating circumstances due to COVID19
  • If you need to take a makeup quiz/exam, you must complete the Quiz/Exam absence form.
    • If you know ahead of time that you will miss the exam, you must complete the form at least 24 hours prior to the exam.
    • Should you have a problem the morning of the exam, such as illness, you must complete the missed exam notification form as soon as possible.
    • Missed exam forms submitted after the exam (after the last time slot) will not be accepted

Missed Lab / Missed Voll Poll

  • You should document your reason on this missed lab / missed clicker form so that you may be given credit for the attendance grade. Use the "Learning" menu item to determine the number of the lab that you missed. Missed lab attendance grades will be adjusted at the end of the semester and will be done so at the instructor's discretion.
  • You are still responsible for the material covered in a missed lab. Review the learning material and complete any associated assignments on your own. You are always welcome to:
    • attend another section (space permitting).
    • attend a help session. GTAs will be available at help sessions to answer questions, but it is expected that you come prepared and read the learning material ahead of time.
  • Your attendance grade will remain blank until the end of the semester. Diligent students may earn points up to a maximum of 3 valid absences. Work through the Dean of Students office if extenuating circumstances result in a more lengthy absence: Link to Dean of Students Absence Notification

Missed Team Project Hacklab Day

  • If you will miss a team project hacklab day, in addition to completing the missed lab form as described above, you are responsible for notifying your teammates of your planned absence. Email or group text is preferred as it can be used to substantiate your intent to stay on track. In this communication, please:
    • Let your teammates know what you plan to contribute to make up the time missed
    • Propose a plan for how to update each other on work completed
    Failure to complete a missed lab form and notify your teammates may result in dismissal from your team.

Grading Questions

Talk with one of your GTAs. If you need further assistance, contact Dr Biegalski.