Classroom engagement is a very important part of learning. This semester we will be using the VolPoll system that allows us to quickly poll all students in the classroom. This process is very similar to the clickers you may have used in EF 151 and EF 152.


You will have a participation grade for each lab based on the questions you answer.

  • If you do not answer any questions, you are assumed absent for the lab and you have no grade. If you were absent or unable to respond to some of the clicker questions, fill out the missed lab form for that lab and those grades will be adjusted at the end of the semester according to the the class policy for missed labs.
  • If you are present for a lab (i.e. answered at least one question), your grade is determined by the formula 80 + 20*C/T + 10*I/T, where C is the number of correct responses, I is the number of incorrect responses, and T is the total possible responses.

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