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  • End of Semester Items
    • Final exam information
      • Finals have been graded. Scores are based on correct/incorrect answers and evaluation of uploaded code files. A line item on the gradesheet shows adjustments/partial credit on the coding problems. A 5 point adjustment was added to everyone’s final exam grade.
      • For those that took the final, in your future engineering classes, be sure to prepare for finals and put forth your best effort on every problem. Many students left the exam early with half the exam incomplete and no submitted code for partial credit. Very few students completed the practice final. Students that completed at least half of the practice final averaged 24 points higher on the final than students that did not do the practice final.
      • If you took the final, it counts. If you registered to waive the final, in the grade estimator toggle the final exam checkbox to view your grade.
    • ePortfolios were graded using your URL web address. View your ePortfolio rubric comments by clicking on the link on your gradesheet.
    • EF Final Grade FAQs
    • Your final letter grade is posted on the top of your gradesheet and on myUTK.
    updated Mon Dec 14th 8:00 pm
  • Goodbye Video
    Best wishes for your future engineering career! - Your EF230 Instructors

    Click to watch the video...
    updated Tue Nov 24th 10:28 am
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