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  • The recording from the 40 minutes of regular lab time is linked above. The remaining 50 minutes of class time was used for the Module 1 Quiz.
    updated Mon Jun 14th 7:23 pm
  • The Zoom recording for Lab 5 is linked in the title. This is a busy weekend for due dates:
    • Lab 5 Practice: 100% Friday, June 11 11:59pm, 75%: Monday, June 14, 1:30pm
    • m-file and plot image (png or pdf) for plotting project: Sunday June 13, 11:59pm
    • Technical statement for plotting project: Monday, June 14, 11:59pm
    • Lab 6 Prep: 110% by Sunday night (technically Monday June 14 1:30am), 100% by Monday June 14 1:30pm
    • Quiz 1 practice: Monday June 14 1:30pm
    Pace yourself! The first 40 minutes of class on Monday will be used to discuss lab 5 material and answer any questions. The last 50 minutes of class will be used for the Module 1 Quiz.
    updated Sat Jun 12th 9:44 am
  • The zoom recording of today's lab is linked in the title. You will need to Sign in with SSO to gain access.
    • Quiz 1: Practice is listed as a lab assignment for Lab 4, but it is not due until Monday June 14 by 1:15pm. While you will need knowledge of functions--which we will discuss in the next lab--you can start thinking about the calculations needed before then.
    • Plotting assignment due date changed to June 13 for m-file and plot image. No change to technical statement due date of Monday night, June 14. Please note that you also have Lab 5 prep work due before Monday's class on June 14, June 13 is the 110% deadline for the prep work.
    • Plotting assignment constraints adjusted to allow a PDF or PNG for plot image -- if saving to png messes with the formatting, check to see if saving to PDF provides better results.
    • Complete Lab 5 prep items before class on Friday.
    updated Wed Jun 9th 6:09 pm
  • Class Meeting Time
    As discussed during our first class session, starting Friday, June 4 we will start class at 1:40PM Eastern and end at 3:10PM Eastern. If you have any concerns about this schedule change, or how it may impact your participation in the course, please let me know via email.
    updated Wed Jun 2nd 3:20 pm
  • Welcome to EF230

    The first class meeting is Wednesday, June 2 at 1:30PM Eastern

    The class will meet on Zoom: 943 0217 5666

    We are aware that there is a short overlap with this time and at least one other course that several of you are enrolled in. We will discuss how to handle this moving forward. Please join the first meeting as close to the start time as you are able.

    For this course you will need:

    A laptop with reliable, high speed internet access
    Access to MATLAB: We will use MATLAB Online for most labs.

    updated Tue Jun 1st 5:36 pm
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