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  • Please do a custom install of MATLAB 2021b - follow instructions here. Upload the ef230_install_log.txt file created from show_version.m to your Toolbox Check dropbox. If you did the toolbox check with Version 2021a earlier this semester, please install 2021b and the required packages and redo the updated toolbox check before October 17. Grades are current as of 9PM Sunday night. If you still have 10 or a 0 or blank instead of 100 on your gradesheet for the MATLAB toolbox check you don't have the software you need to participate in the project (or you uploaded the wrong file or didn't upload yet). Approximately 50% of EF230 students do not yet have the proper toolboxes/version/file uploaded.
    updated Sun Oct 17th 9:23 pm
  • We'd like to allow you flexibility to participate in engineer's day activities on Tuesday October 19, but still ensure you complete Lab 14, an essential RVR robot setup and introduction activity in which you will need access to the RVR robots. To verify that your laptop is properly setup and to create your first RVR programs, you must either (1) attend any EF230 section on October 19 (8:10, 9:50, 11:30, 1:10, 2:50) or (2) attend and complete your work during an in-person help session on Oct 18, 19, or 20 (stop by between 3:15-6pm in our classroom). Be sure to check in with an instructor when you arrive and before you leave to be sure all of your in-class work is complete and your attendance has been recorded.

    Before coming to class or a help session, as your prelab activity, you MUST install MATLAB 2021b and the proper toolboxes as instructed above and obtain the software and sphero toolbox necessary for controlling the Sphero RVR robot. Please follow ALL the instructions at this link:

    updated Sun Oct 17th 9:25 pm
    • Team days are required attendance days
    • Your hacklab team is shown on your control panel - Team Assignments. Your partner/mini-team within your larger team may be adjusted this week based on who shows up when.
    • Read the Robot Project Description, Deliverables, Grading Scale, Ideas, and Video Tips and Using the RVR Toolbox on your own. Post any questions to the discussion board.
    • Deliverables are due Oct 25, Oct 27, and Nov 5.Functions should be m-files. Videos must be <100MB mp4. Slides must be pdfs. Flowcharts must be pdfs or pngs.
    • Come up with an idea - what task will your function perform?
    • When writing your code, start simple, and make iterative enhancements. Start with a few lines of code and make sure it works. Then add complexity a little at a time, testing each time.
    • how can I expand my code to earn more points?
      • Visualize a flow chart of your function. More extensive code will have a large number of symbols (shapes) and decisions
      • well-documented code will have informative variable names, clear function headers, and brief comments that inform the readers of the purpose and flow
      • look at the EF230 Example m-files, EF230 labs, and the MATLAB website to get ideas for other MATLAB commands and tools you can implement. Be sure to cite sources of any code you use.
      • use doc sphero in the MATLAB command window for MATLAB sphero toolbox info and read the sphero RVR documentation for more info
    • Schedule meetings with your team outside of class. Help each other be successful. Make sure you are not doing the same task as your other larger team teammates.
    • Work early and take advantage of help sessions so you can have access to instructor assistance as you complete your project.
    updated Sun Oct 17th 8:56 pm
  • Join us Tuesday or Wednesday Evening on zoom for the TCE Alumni Panel Event. Hear from TCE Alumni working in industry and how to get a job you'll love! Details below in Common Announcements. Attend 1 or more 45 minute session AND fill out the feedback form at the link above to earn EC.
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  • EF230
    Class: Link to Zeanah zoom room and i3SIXTY Collaboration Screen Login Instructions.
    Flipped Learning: Use the Learning Pages menu item to view the online course material.
    You'll need to complete the introductory prelab questions BEFORE class each day for full credit. Early worker bonus: 110% credit if completed the night before. (exception: The learning material and questions for the first day of class will be completed during the first class).
    Team and Individual Practice (in-class) Assignments should be completed the day of class for full credit.
    Questions? Visit DrB in Zeanah 363D, Attend an EF230 Help session, contact your instructors, or Post/Read Q&A on our Discussion Board.
    UTK COVID-19 vaccination info and mask policy
    UT & TCE Resources
    TCE office locations and hours including ICS hours
    Link to MATLAB Online (opens in new tab)
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  • Thank you for wearing your mask correctly!

    updated Wed Oct 6th 11:38 pm
    • Want to win an internship at NREL, PNNL, or ORNL? Make national lab connections for your career by participating in JUMP (Join the discussion, Unveil innovation, Make connections, Promote tech-to-market) into STEM, a building science competition for university students. In 2019 an EF 230 student team was invited to NREL to compete, and UT ME student Carl Woodard won a summer internship at NREL.
      • Contest Entries are due Friday November 12.
      • ideas must be submitted by diverse teams of 2-5 (diversity in gender, race, ethnicity, and major considered)
      • EF230 Extra credit awarded to quality, well-developed well-researched submissions fulfilling all requirements of the contest and using MATLAB as a tool for the submission (e.g. for graphics, simulations, and/or calculations)
      • Follow the link and contact DrB for more details
    updated Sun Aug 29th 8:58 pm
  • Quiz 2 Rework Opportunity will be posted after all makeup quizzes are complete
    updated Sun Oct 17th 4:00 pm
Common EF Announcements
  • Tickle College of Engineering Alumni Panels Oct 19 and 20
    An opportunity to hear from UT alumni who are currently working in the field pertaining to your engineering major or area of interest. Learn about their jobs, how they are utilizing their degree, and the skills and experience employers look for in new hires. Open to all Engineering Students. You are welcome to join us for multiple sessions to get the most out of this experience and expand your network, and to help you determine your major or concentration or career options. Attendees will be entered in a drawing for door prizes, so don't miss out! Join your desired session(s) using this zoom link:
    • Tuesday Panels
      • 6:30pm-7:15pm: Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science
      • 7:15pm-8:00pm: Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering
    • Wednesday Panels
      • 6:30pm-7:15pm: Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering
      • 7:15pm-8:00pm: Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering

    Participating Employers include: CNS Y-12, Dominion Energy, Apple, Leidos, General Motors, Exelon Nuclear, McGill Associates, Boeing, Sky Nano Technologies, and more...

    updated Thu Oct 14th 9:37 pm
  • Monday 10/25 6:30pm SERF 307 What You Need to Know to Apply and Prepare for Medical School
    EMED Membership allows students to participate in hands-on activities and gives you access to MCAT study material (flashcards, books, etc.) and MCAT study groups. Use the link above to Join the EMED GroupMe for upcoming event info and registration. For more information, visit
    updated Sun Oct 17th 10:00 pm
  • TCE Program Seminars for Students
    All first-year students are invited to attend any of the student seminars listed below where seniors will be speaking about their experiences in undergraduate research, internships/co-ops, study abroad, and student organizations.
    Date Location Topic and Speaker
    Wed Sep 1 at 7:15PM Tickle 405 Materials Science and Engineering, Mollie Daniell
    Thur Sep 9 at 6:10PM Dougherty 416 Nuclear Engineering, Kenny Bott
    Thur Sep 16 at 6:10PM Dougherty 416 Computer Science, Owen Queen
    Wed Sep 22 at 7:15PM Tickle 405 Mechanical Engineering I, Heidi Seuss
    Wed Oct 6 at 7:15PM Tickle 405 Aerospace Engineering, Sam Pankratz
    Thur Oct 14 at 6:10PM Dougherty 416 Electrical Engineering, Will Trout
    Thur Oct 21 at 6:10PM Dougherty 416 Industrial Engineering, Rachel Fisher
    Wed Oct 27 at 7:15PM Tickle 405 Biomedical Engineering, Megan Hines
    Thur Nov 4 at 6:10PM Dougherty 416 Biosystems Engineering, Brea Sorrells
    Wed Nov 10 at 7:15PM Tickle 405 Mechanical Engineering II, Kassidy Boone
    Thur Nov 11 at 6:10PM Dougherty 416 Chemical Engineering, Olivia Lazar
    Thur Nov 18 at 6:10PM Dougherty 416 Computer Engineering, Vishal Aiely
    Wed Oct 20 at 7:15PM Tickle 405 Civil Engineering, Lily Parker & Sam Jurek
    updated Fri Oct 15th 8:08 am
  • Students, your Advisor will be emailing you this semester (September and October) to request that you schedule your advising appointment using your Vol Academic Connect (Navigate) account in MyUTK. Please be sure to watch your UT email for the prompt to sign up. The following groups of students are required to meet with an advisor prior to registering for each term (fall and spring):

    • All students with fewer than 30 hours at UT Knoxville (first year and new transfer students).
    • Students following exploratory tracks.
    • Students identified as “off track” by uTrack.
    • Students on Academic Probation (must also be advised prior to summer term).

    All other students are required to consult with an advisor for a substantial conference during a designated semester each year.

    • Students whose ID numbers end in an even digit are required to meet with an advisor during fall semester.
    • Students whose ID numbers end in an odd digit are required to meet with an advisor during spring semester.

    Registration for Spring 2022 classes will begin in November.

    • November 1 & 2 Priority Students(honors, athletes, registered with disability services, Heath IBEP, Veterans)
    • November 4 & 5 Seniors (earned 90 or more hours)
    • November 8 & 9 Juniors (earned 60 or more hours)
    • November 11 & 12 Sophomores (earned 30 or more hours)
    • November 15 & 16 & 17 Freshmen (29 or fewer hours earned)

    Please reach out to your advisor if you have any questions- Engineering Advising Team

    updated Mon Aug 30th 9:53 pm