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The Jerry E. Stoneking engage Engineering Fundamentals Program

ENGAGE LLC Students Tour the SNS at ORNL

ENGAGE LLC Students tour the Spallation Neutron Source at ORNL

Course Updates


Engineering Fundamentals 151
For the EF 151 final project this spring, teams needed to a build a device to play EF Shuffledisk. To play the game, devices needed to shoot a puck at a series of different targets, which were chosen on testing day. Teams had ranges of potential targets and had to use a computer program to determine their final launching conditions.

Design Competition Winners

The Pete Barile, Sr, EF Design Competition Award went to the team of Drew Shayotovich, Evan Mckee, Kerwin Chu, and Matthew Smalley for their project, Safety and Security in an Unsafe World.

Engineering Fundamentals 152
EF 152 student teams designed final projects based on infrastructure development in a rural village: a bridge built of naturally occurring materials, a solar powered water heater, a wind powered water pump, and an Arduino based farming control system. Designs were subject to a performance test and results and analyses were presented in a scientific poster session and technical paper.

Ukelele Hero

The EF230 Outstanding Project Award went to the team of Allen Stanley, John Hirtz, and Jacob McKesson for their Ukulele Hero Arduino Project and XBOX Roomba Project.

Engineering Fundamentals 230
This semester's EF 230 students implemented their programming skills into two hands-on team projects. Teams designed a “game” using an Arduino microcontroller and 3D printed components, and teams programmed Roomba Robots with onboard Raspberry Pi's and cameras to perform various challenges, such as following a line and interpreting image colors.

Engineering Fundamentals 105
The Flipped classroom, an increasingly popular educational model, is currently being utilized to teach MATLAB in EF105. Engaging online learning modules are studied by the students before the class period, while the class time has become a workshop dedicated to practical exercises, guided by the instructors.

New Staff

Michael Allen

Engage welcomes Michael Allen!
We'd like to welcome Michael Allen to the EF Staff. Michael joined us Fall semester as our new Academic Support Specialist. Michael coordinates our freshman laboratories and manages our EF workshop. He has transformed our woodshop into a maker's paradise. Stop by and see it in the basement of Perkins Hall!

Graduate Teaching Assistants

2015-2016 Graduate Teaching Assistants
We had an outstanding group of graduate teaching assistants this year. Congratulations to Stefy Stand for winning the EF Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) Award! The award honors outstanding achievement and excellence in teaching.

Innovation and Collaboration Studio

Innovation and Collaboration Studio

The ICS is a student managed “makerspace” supported by the College of Engineering and hosted by the Engineering Fundamentals Division in Perkins Hall. The mission of the ICS is to provide resources to engineering students in the form of technology, tools, and knowledge in order to help them materialize their ideas. In the ICS students can turn their ideas into reality by using the 3D Printer Cartprovided equipment and material and collaborating with staff and other students. The ICS can help with activities such as CAD modeling, 3D printing, basic electronics, robots, Arduinos, Raspberry Pi's, and woodworking. ICS capabilities include more than twenty-five 3D printers, a desktop CNC mill and lathe, two laser cutters/engravers, a computer controlled sewing machine, hand tools, electronic tools, and CAD/CAM software. The ICS offers workshops to get engineering students acquainted with the software and equipment.

Living and Learning Community

Engage with 3D Printed Shelby Hood

Engage/RISER LLC Students visit ONRL's Manufacturing Demonstration Facility and hold the 3D printed Shelby Hood signed by President Obama

The 2015-2016 school year was very exciting in the Engage/RISER LLC. This year, approximately 189 students lived in the Engage/RISER LLC in Morrill Hall. Our advisory board, consisting of student RA's, EF faculty, and staff, as well as representatives from UTK Housing planned a number of great events for students to participate in. Over two semesters, we hosted ten study parties in the dorm to help students get prepared for the upcoming EF exams. There was lots of studying, great questions, and approximately 150 pizzas consumed at these study parties throughout the year!

Design Competition Winners

Engage/RISER LLC students meet MABEline, a synthetic cadaver produced by SynDaver. UT's College of Engineering is the first in the world to have such a device.

In the fall semester, we took forty students on a tour of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility. The LLC students had great questions for the scientists and engineers they interacted with on the tour. In the spring semester, several LLC students had the chance to visit MABEline, one of the only synthetic cadavers in the world used to teach engineering students about the human body. It wasn't all business! EF staff and faculty had fun playing in a video game tournament with students in Morrill Hall.

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