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  • EF 105 End of Semester Notes
    • Before Tuesday, December 17 around noon there was a error in how the Grade Estimator was calculating and displaying estimated average numeric grades. There was an item on the grade sheet that the estimator was double-counting. This resulted in the grade estimate being slightly higher than your actual calculated final average. The numbers and percentages on the grade sheet itself have always been correct. I am very sorry for any confusion this may have caused.
    • The final exams have been graded. You may see your score and view your graded exam and check it for mistakes via the web site. Submit a final exam review request.
    • You can view your final letter grade via the EF 105 web site (it will be at the top of your gradesheet).
    • Not happy with your grade? We are happy to review it with you, but we would like you to review the final grade FAQ before contacting us. Please also first check to make sure it will make a difference in your final grade. The grade estimator, now that it has been fixed, is a great tool for that.
    • We hope you enjoyed the semester. Have a great break.
    updated Wed Dec 18th 8:59 am
  • Semester Grades
    Grade%% at or above

    updated Tue Dec 17th 9:06 am
  • Be sure to review the final exam schedule and make any changes to avoid scheduling conflicts.
    updated Tue Dec 3rd 4:14 pm
  • Hello all,

    I hope everyone had a great break! I have posted a practice exam, please review it when you can. The practice is ungraded, but working through it and getting help for any questions that you are stuck on should improve your experience with the final!

    Remember, there are extra help sessions this week, so come by if you aren't sure how to approach any of the practice problems, or have questions about other lab work. All help sessions will be in Perkins 209, with overflow space in 208.

    Final Help Session Schedule

    Monday, December 24-6pmSydnee, Dr. M
    Tuesday, December 39-1pmToan, Katy
     1pm-2pmJustin, Katy
     2-5pmJustin, Clint
    Wednesday, December 44-6pmKaty, Dr. M
    Thursday, December 59-12pmClint, Heather
     12-1pmToan, Katy
     1-4pmJustin, Katy
     4-6pmDr. M, Katy
    updated Mon Dec 2nd 11:31 am
  • Delay Getting Practice Exam Posted

    Hello all,

    I hope your break has been relaxing so far. I apologize for not having a practice exam complete earlier this week like I had planned. I am still working on some final pieces of the practice and hope to have it posted over the weekend. In the mean time, consider reviewing past examples, practice problems, and quizzes to prepare. The exam will be made up of similar activities and problems to those found in Labs 5-12.

    Thank you for your patience!

    updated Fri Nov 29th 4:25 pm
  • Please take a few minutes to complete the University's course evaluation for EF 105. These evaluations provide us valuable insights and we appreciate your feedback. Note that in the evaluations, "the instructor" is the course coordinator, Dr. Maczka, and not your TA. Although Dr. Maczka wishes he could attend every section every day and interact with you more, due to the structure of EF you have had limited contact with him.

    There will also be an additional feedback form internal to EF 105 that will be posted soon to provide more detailed feedback about the course overall, and your TA.

    updated Tue Nov 26th 2:08 pm
  • No Class
    Hello all,

    As discussed in your last lab, there are no more official class meetings of EF 105 this semester. This week, there are no additional help sessions, but I will be available for questions and office hour visits Tuesday, November 26. I plan to have a practice exam ready by the end of that day as well.

    The following week we hold our regular Monday and Wednesday help sessions from 4-6pm in Perkins 209. There will also be additional help sessions in Perkins 209 on Tuesday and Thursday, December 3 and 5 from 9am to 5pm. I hope you all can make use of these resources, as well as the discussion board and office hours, to prepare for the final.

    Have a great Thanksgiving break!

    Dr. Maczka

    updated Mon Nov 25th 10:33 pm
  • Yes, There is Class on Thursday!
    While it is recommended that engineering classes not meet on engineering day (Thursday, October 23), this simply is not feasible for a class that meets just once a week. We do hope that you are able to still make time to interact with some of the potential UT students that will be on campus tomorrow.

    Please direct any questions or concerns about this to Dr. Maczka.
    updated Wed Oct 23rd 1:47 pm
  • Hello all,

    I hope everyone is enjoying Fall Break! As we continue with MATLAB in the remaining weeks of the semester, each lab will have accompanied "pre-lab" material that you will be expected to engage with before coming to lab. More time in class will be devoted to working through practice activities and interacting with one another and the TAs to develop a deeper understanding of the material.

    I have posted pre-lab material for lab-8 here:


    There is also a "pre-lab" link on the Labs page. The video content and text content is meant to overlap, choose whichever medium you find easier to work with. In either case, it will be very important that you not only read/watch, but also play in MATLAB along with the content. Type in the examples and see what happens for yourself, but also go beyond that and for each example try changing things up with different values, different operators, etc. Take note of what works, what doesn't and jot down any questions that come up so that you can discuss them in class.

    Plan to spend about 10-15 minutes with each of the 4 sections in the Lab 8 pre-lab material, including time to pause the video or reading to play in MATLAB. If you discover that you need significantly more or less time than 10-15 minutes on each section, please let me know so I can adjust for next time!

    Enjoy the rest of your break,

    Dr. Maczka

    updated Thu Oct 17th 3:50 pm
  • I was a bit late getting a feedback form prepared for lab 7, so those of you in the Tuesday morning sections probably did not see a link under "Graded Items". The form is posted now, and linked under graded items. Please take a moment to complete it.

    We really value your feedback as it helps improve the course each semester.
    updated Thu Oct 10th 1:20 pm
  • Can't Access MATLAB via Citrix?
    If you are unable to access MATLAB via UTK Citrix server, please contact OIT at (865) 974-9900 and reference Ticket #545432. If after contacting OIT please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you get MATLAB working on your UTK account or personal laptop.
    updated Thu Oct 10th 3:23 pm
  • Install MATLAB
    We will begin working with MATLAB the week after the midterm exam. Please have MATLAB installed before arriving to class for Lab 7. Review the links in Lab 1 for the two options for running MATLAB. We recommend downloading and installing MATLAB on your computer rather than running it remotely.
    updated Wed Oct 2nd 10:43 pm
  • Lab 4 Quiz Point Total is Fixed
    A previous error in the total number of points vs total available points for the Lab 4 quiz has been fixed. Please review your score and let me know if you have any questions.
    updated Fri Sep 13th 9:30 am
  • A Note about Draft Pages
    To help avoid some confusion later on, labs that have not yet been updated for Fall 2019 are marked as 'Draft'. In general, the content on these labs will stay the same, but may be reorganized to make some things clearer, or examples may be changed. If you do happen across any instructions that you know to be wrong, eithe on a draft or non-draft page, do not hesitate to let dkm@utk.edu">Dr. Maczka know!
    updated Tue Aug 27th 1:38 pm
  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the Fall 2019 site for EF 105.

    Use the Labs link in the left side bar to find the weekly list of topics for this semester.

    EF 105 will meet as scheduled the first week of classes. If you are in a Thursday section the first day of class is Thursday, August 21. If you are in a Tuesday section, the first day of class is Tuesday, August 27.

    We look forward to learning with you this semester!

    updated Wed Aug 21st 4:31 pm
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