## Missed Lab - Complete the Missed Lab Form. Attempt to attend another section's lab if space is available. Check with that section's TA for availability prior to attending. This is the only way to receive the *attendance* credit. - You are responsible for completing the work for the missed lab, including feedback and quiz, *before* the specified deadline. - work through the lab on your own - attend help sessions if necessary - Exceptions must be approved by Dr. Maczka. ## Missed Exam - If you miss an exam, you must complete the [missed exam notification form][Missed Exam Form]. You will receive a reply giving you permission to miss the exam and authorizing you to take the make-up once the date for it has been established. - You may be allowed to take the make-up exam during the regular hours of other sections; however, without an approval ahead of time, you will not be allowed to do it. - You must have permission to take the make-up exam. Please, email Dr. Maczka ( if you need additional accommodations. - The format of the make-up exam is at our discretion. - Documentation may be required for all missed exams at the discretion of the instructors. ## Grading Questions and Re-grade Requests *Note:* For requests made after the last day of exams, please contact Dr. Maczka (, not your GTA. For any grading concerns or clarifications, your GTA should be your first point of contact. If, after discussing your concern with your GTA, you decide an existing grade needs review, please send an email to Dr. Maczka ( with the following information: - The exact assignment (name, original due date) that you are requesting a review of, and the name of your GTA. - A 1-2 sentence summary of what you discussed with your GTA - An itemized list of parts of the grade you would like reviewed. For each item include - The current points and or deduction - Why the current points awarded is in error or needs review - What you think a fair score is for this item - A justification for your suggested corrected score For consideration, you *must* send this email within one week of the graded assignment being returned to you. [Missed Exam Form]: /ef105-2019-08/gen/exam-makeup-request.php [Missed Lab Form]: /ef105-2019-08/gen/labmiss.php