EF 151 - Physics for Engineers I - Syllabus

Course and Schedule

EF 151 Physics for Engineers I (4 credit hours) Calculus based study of basic physics concepts including vectors, kinematics, Newton's laws, forces, work-energy, and impulse-momentum. Introduction to team work. Introduction to the engineering disciplines, examination of engineering principles and design issues; oral and written presentation skills. A - C, NC grading. Registration Restriction: Tickle College of Engineering or biosystems engineering majors. Coreq: Math 141 or higher, EF 105 or COSC 102.

Lecture: Mossman 102, MWF - 10:10am - 11:00am

Lab: MW - Perkins Hall multiple sections

Course Objectives

  • Provide physics and math fundamentals for engineering
  • Provide exposure to different engineering disciplines
  • Learn, participate in, and practice the engineering design process

Instructor and Course Information

Instructors Lab GTAs
Prof. Rachel McCord (rmccord1@utk.edu)
Prof. Richard Bennett (rbennet2@utk.edu)