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Textbook: Physics for Scientists & Engineers with Modern Physics, 5th Edition, Douglas C. Giancoli, 2021 Pearson

You will receive (or may have already received) an email from the VolShop explaining that the book is offered in e-text format through their Inclusive Access (IA) program.

  • Unless you "opt-out", you will be billed $27.84 directly through the Bursar's Office around the 11th day of the semester.
  • If you stay opted in, you will have the option to purchase a low cost loose-leaf print copy from the Vol Shop after the opt out deadline.
  • We believe that the VolShop IA option is the easiest and least expensive of your options.
  • You can "opt-out" but you will still need to have a copy of the textbook (either in e-text or print format).
  • Access to the e-text directy from Pearson costs $9.99 per month while the hardback edition is $122.66 to buy or $74.99 to rent for one semester.
  • We will use the same text for EF 158.
Any scientific or graphing calculator is allowed. Cell phone calculators and online calculators will not be allowed on exams.

Helpful information on optimally using your calculator will be covered in the calculator lab of EF 105.
Engineering or plain white paper is required for homework assignments.
The college requires that you have a computer.
TCE Computer Guidelines
You will need that computer or another device (phone, tablet, laptop) to access the web while in class (laptop preferred). In addition, you must have: - Reliable, high speed internet access - Audio and video capability (webcam, microphone and speakers or headset) - Ability to upload high quality images your paper work (smartphone, camera or scanner) - A second device - phone, tablet, or computer that can be set up to provide a video feed for exam proctoring. More details will be provided on this before the first exam.