EF 230 Announcements

  • End of Semester Items
    • A 3 point adjustment was added to the final. View your short answer exam and multiple choice exam
    • Your UTK volweb portfolio was graded via your volweb website link: https://volweb.utk.edu/~yourNetid
    • Please check the grade estimator and review the EF final grade FAQ before contacting DrB. Please do not email DrB or TAs requesting a "bump" up. You will be able to view your final letter grade at the top of your gradesheet.
    • Hope you enjoyed the semester. Have a great break! Wishing you many great adventures in your future engineering career.
    updated Sun Dec 15th 8:04 pm
  • Grades
    Grade%% at or above

    updated Mon Dec 16th 2:50 pm
  • Instructor's Choice Awards
    Congratulations to the winners of the EF230 Instructors Choice Awards. These teams did a great job overall in all aspects of the project:
    • Hacklab1 Award -- it counts, measures, reads, classifies objects, navigates terrain, can be controlled remotely and posts its findings to the cloud - it is the Mars Rover iRobot expertly programmed by Aaron Assefa, Veronica Jeon, Caitlyn Kicza, and Daniel Waggoner
    • Hacklab2 Award -- A Mars Rover you will never lose, the S3-4 Rover is fully controllable with a Professional GUI and will search for the US base station and avoid obstacles. The rover delivers reports of what it sees, maps it course, and includes an event log. Great job Noah Avery, Chase Crews, Marshal Evins, and Ben Stoller!
    updated Wed Dec 4th 9:32 pm
  • updated Mon Nov 4th 2:10 pm
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