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Until construction is complete on our EF project space and DrB's office we'll use our classrooms and the EF study room for help sessions Our new EF study room IS OPEN and is located in Zeanah 258. Students are encouraged to meet there and help each other. **Start early on assignments** so you can maximize the available resources like help sessions and instructor assistance and your score to avoid late penalties. Do not presume that instructor's will be at your disposal on assignment due dates. # 2021 Help sessions (stay tuned for updates)
Wednesday Nov 173:15-4:15pmMatthewZeanah 178
4-6pmJessicaZeanah 178
Thursday Nov 18 4:15-6pm Kenny Zeanah 178
Friday Nov 19 12-1pm Grayson Zeanah 258
Monday Nov 223:15-4:15pmCaleb Zeanah 178
Tuesday Nov 23 8:10-4pm EF 230 Staff Zeanah 178
Tuesday Nov 23 4:15-5pm Michael Zeanah 178
Monday Nov 29 3:15-4:15pm Caleb Zeanah 178
Monday Nov 29 4-5 JordanZeanah 178
Tuesday Nov 30 4:15-? Michael?Zeanah 178
Thursday Dec 21-3PM GraysonZeanah 258
Thursday Dec 24:30-6:30pm JoshZeanah Zoom Room
Tuesday Dec 7 5-6MatthewZeanah 258
Wed Dec 8 5-6 MatthewZeanah Zoom Room
# Discussion board Post questions on the discussion board and they should get answered within a few hours. The instructor and TAs monitor the board, and other students are encouraged to help out as well. You can sign up to automatically receive all discussion board notices from the discussion board settings link. You can upload your program to the dropbox or homework notes box and the TAs and instructors can view it. **You should not post large amounts of code or entire HW solutions directly on the discussion board.** # Meeting with Dr B Dr Biegalski has an open door policy - if she is around she is happy to help. Her office is 363B. Email her to schedule an appointment at your convenience. # Email The discussion board is a better option for general questions. If you have a personal or sensitive question or a grade question please email and indicate "EF 230" in the subject line. # GroupMe If you would like to create a GroupMe for your section and invite your instructor(s) to join, please do so. We are happy to provide assistance and answer questions through this platform. # Academic Success Center Tutoring, academic coaching, and assistance with study skills and academic struggles is available through the Academic Success Center. See and for details.