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  • Thank you!
    Thanks for your hard work this semester and throughout your EF classes. We hope you feel empowered with the knowledge and skills you've acquired. We enjoyed having you in class! We wish you much success in your future endeavors.
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  • End of Semester Items
    • You can view your final letter grade at the top of your gradesheet and on myutk.
    • Not happy with your grade? DrB is happy to answer your inquiries, but please review the final grade FAQs and make sure the issue will make a difference in your final grade. The grade estimator is a great tool for that.
    • If you took the final, it counts. If you registered to waive the final, in the grade estimator, toggle the final exam checkbox.
    • Finals are graded. Scores are based on correct/incorrect answers and evaluation of uploaded code files. A line item on the gradesheet shows adjustments/partial credit on the coding problems. Everyone received a +4 point adjustment. For those that took the final, in your future engineering classes, be sure to prepare for finals and put forth your best effort on every problem. Many students did not submit code for partial credit even though our learning pages included examples of every problem type. Very few students completed the practice final.
    updated Sun Dec 12th 9:36 pm
  • RVR Project Highlights
    updated Fri Dec 10th 6:35 am
Common EF Announcements
  • De-Stress for Success is a week-long event held throughout finals week with games, coloring pages, relaxing activities, and free food for students to enjoy while studying in the library. De-Stress for Success will be held December 2-9. This year we will have events* at Hodges Library such as:
    • Star Gazing on Wednesday December 8th at 7:30pm - Sign up link here:
    • Virtual Fishing, Lincoln Logs, and crafts in Hodges Room 209
    • Watch Nature Documentaries in Hodges Room 212
    • Relax by a campfire and grab free snacks in Hodges Mary Greer
    • HABIT Dogs - Specific times in Hodges and Pendergrass! Check the schedule here:
    • Take Photos in the Studio's Video Production Suite specific times TBD
    ...and more!
    At Pendergrass Library look out for:
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Board Games
    • Campfire Projection in the Computer Lab

    At Devine Music Library look out for:
    • Coffee, Tea, Snacks
    • Adult Coloring Books
    • Quote Wall
    Events are being held in Hodges Library, Pendergrass Library, and Devine Music Library. Check them all for more events during finals week! *Some activities will be available 24/7 while others will be available at specific times.
    updated Thu Dec 2nd 1:33 pm