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Module 1 The World of MATLAB: Variables, Plotting, and Algorithms
1Thu Aug 19Intro to EF230 and MATLAB Welcome to EF230  Bolt  Learning Badges  Website  Exams and Grading  PreLab Expectations  Participation / COVID  Why?  Projects  Create your MATHWORKS account  §  MATLAB IDE  Command Window  Workspace and Variables  mfiles  Your MATLAB Drive and MATLAB Connector  MATLAB basics review  MATLAB Review - Team Game  Homework  Recorded Video  Intro to MATLAB
2Tue Aug 24MATLAB Basics and Effective Plotting Techniques Intro  Documentation  Matrices, Indexing & Common Commands  List of Commands & Terms  Plotting Guidelines  ezplot  3D Plots  Text & Equations on plots  Help  §  Team Select  File Management  VolPoll  Review and Practice  In class Practice  Recorded Video  MATLAB Basics PreLab Part 2Basics 2 PracticeUpload in-class practice files to dropbox
3Thu Aug 26Data Types, Debugging, & Plotting Project Intro Intro  Data Types  Relational and Logical Operators  Structures  Cell Arrays  Debugging  §  Debugging using live scripts  Debugging in-class practice  Plotting Project Introduction  Recorded Video  Datatypes/Debugging PreLabPlotting ProjectPlotting Project Assignment
4Tue Aug 31Functions Intro to Functions  Built-In Functions  Creating Functions  Function Headers  Example Functions  Matrices as function inputs  Add to Path  Best Practices  §  Parsons Puzzle  Test Cases  In-class Practice  VolPoll  Practice  Recorded Video  Functions PreLabFunction PracticePlotting project plot and m-file due in dropbox
5Thu Sep 2Bowling Green Game - Zoom today - Local functions and Anonymous Functions and Quiz 1 Review Intro  Local functions  Invoking local functions in a single m-file  Anonymous Functions  §  Local functions in-class practice  Anonymous Functions in-class practice  VolPoll  Quiz 1 Format and Review  Recorded Video  Sub & Anony. Functions PreLabQuiz 1: PracticePlotting Project Technical Statement due in dropbox Fri Sept 3
Tue Sep 7Module 1 Quiz - Basics, Plotting, and Functions Team Maker Survey due
MATLAB Toolbox Check due Sept 16
Module 2 The Powers of MATLAB:Flow Control, Signals, Images
6Thu Sep 9Flow Control Intro to Flow Control  Conditionals - If  For loops  While loops  Break Continue Pause Return  Pseudocode and Flowcharts  Comparison of Loops  §  Parsons Puzzle  VolPoll  Conditionals in-class practice  For loop in-class practice  Nested loops  Loops for Summation and Product Notation  Practice Assignment  Recorded Video  Flow Control PreLabFlow Control Practice
7Tue Sep 14Engineering Expo - Images in MATLAB Intro  Images in MATLAB  Image Commands  3D images  3D Printing and STL files  ICS 3D printing  3D printing links  §  Practice  Recorded Video  Images PreLabImages Practice
8Thu Sep 16Team Day - Images in MATLAB §  hacklab Rules  meet ROVER  MATLAB tools  RVR Basics - turn it on and watch RVR TV  Practice  Recorded Video  Images Team Day
9Tue Sep 21Formatted Ouput, Validating Input, and User Interfaces Intro  User Interface Elements  Concatenation  num2str fprintf sprintf  String Compare  ASCII  Input Validation varargin nargin  §  Input Validation Practice  User Interface Practice  Google Poll  Recorded Video  Inputs&Formatted Output PreLabInput Validation Practiceand UI Code due in dropbox
10Thu Sep 23Signals and Sound Intro  Sound  Sound in MATLAB  Object Oriented Programming  Audioplayer  Sound processing and recording  Fourier Transforms and Spectral Analysis  Fast Fourier Transform  fft DTMF Application  fft Doppler Application  §  VolPoll  Quiz Review  Recorded Video  Signals, Sound, & Fourier PreLabQuiz 2: Practice
Tue Sep 28Module 2 Quiz - Flow Control, Signals, Sound, Images, Nargin, Formatted Output
Thu Sep 30Fall Break
Module 3 MATLAB's Data Analytics
11Tue Oct 5Curve Fitting Intro  Polynomial Curve Fitting  Summary of Polynomial Commands  General Equation Curve Fitting  §  Instructor Example  Team Practice  Google Poll  Individual Practice  Recorded Video  Polynomials&CurveFitting PreLabCurve Fit Practice
12Thu Oct 7Data Import/Export Intro  Summary of Commands  websave  importdata  webread and RESTful web services  dlmread and textscan  fprintf  Saving Work  §  Review  Practice  Recorded Video  Data Import/Export PreLabData Import and Curve Fit Practice
13Tue Oct 12Interpolation and More Curve Fitting Intro  Interpolation  Interpolation in MATLAB  Splines in MATLAB  §  Example  VolPoll  Interpolation Practice  Quiz Format and Review  Recorded Video  Interpolation PreLabInterpolation PracticePractice Quiz
Thu Oct 14Module 3 Quiz - Data Import/Export, Curve Fitting & Interpolation
14Tue Oct 19Required Robot Day - Robotics and Flow Control Intro  Hacklab rules  Intro to the Sphero RVR  Sphero RVR toolbox  §  Using the RVR Toolbox and Example Integrated Code  Robot Project Description, Deliverables, Ideas, and Video Tips  Practice  Toolbox Troubleshooting  Recorded Video  Robot PreLab Robot IntroRobot project assigned, square and color stop m-file due in individual Dropbox
15Thu Oct 21Team Project Day - Robots
16Tue Oct 26Team Project Day - Robots Two functions, videos, progress files Due in Team Dropbox
Module 4: MATLAB's Numerical Techniques
17Thu Oct 28Numeric Differentiation/Integration Intro  Differentiation  Integration  Symbolic Differentiation and Integration  §  Example  Practice  Recorded Video  Numeric Int/Diff PreLabNumeric Int/Diff Practice
18Tue Nov 2Matrix Algebra Intro  Matrix Operations  Vectors and Unit Vectors  Systems of Linear Equations  Cross Product Application  §  Practice  Quiz 4 Review  Recorded Video  Matrix Algebra PreLabMatrix Algebra PracticePractice Quiz
Thu Nov 4 Module 4 Quiz-Differentiation, Integration, Matrix Algebra
Module 5: Advanced Skills and Other Languages
19Tue Nov 9Team Day - Python Mini Team Project Goals  Mini Team Project Weighting  Intro to Linux  Intro to Python3  Basics - Indexing, Commenting, Conditionals  Functions  Modules and numpy  For Loop Comparison  While Loop Comparison  Python Resources  Python and your Raspberry Pi  Mini Team Project Requirements  §  Connecting to and Coding your RVR robot  Python PreLabMini Team Project
20Thu Nov 11Team Day - Systems and Sensors Intro to Dev Boards  Inputs and Outputs  Types of signals  Breadboards  Pins  Components: Diodes, Resistors, and other Devices  Component Use Procedures  §  Signals & Systems PreLabMini Team Project
21Tue Nov 16Solving Equations: Zeros, Minimums, Nonlinear Systems, ODEs Introduction  fminbnd:Min&Max & fzero:Zeroes  fsolve: Nonlinear Systems  Symbolic Math Toolbox  Ordinary Differential Equations  §  In-class practice  Practice Assignment  Recorded Video  Solving Equations PreLabSolving Equations Practice
22Thu Nov 18Create your ePortfolio Make your own ePortfolio/Website intro  Grading  Overview and Video Tutorial  Setup your OIT Linux user account & Public Folder  Connect to your Linux Account  Create a local folder for your website  Select a template  Edit the template  Add files, graphics, and links  UTK template issues  Transfer files with Filezilla  Continue Developing / Future Work  Advanced  Recorded Lecture from this week  UTK Portfolio Project
23Tue Nov 23Optimization Introduction  Optimization with fmincon  Strategy  Examples  §  Practice  Recorded Video  Optimization PreLabOptimization Practice
Thu Nov 25Thanksgiving
24Tue Nov 30Simulink and Semester Recap Intro to Simulink  1d Motion  ODE  Blocks  §  More Examples  Practice  Sharing your work  Final Exam Information  Why code?  Congratulations on your EF Graduation  Student Spotlight  Final Exam Review Problems  Recorded Video  Intro to SimulinkSimulink PracticePractice Final Exam
25As scheduled Final Exam short answer + MC:
Module 5 + Cumulative