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Anon Tue 11/30 13:03  for our final grade, is it rounded at all because as of right now I am 0.04 below the next letter grade and want to know if that rounds up
 jhorne7Tue 11/30 13:04 I was able to bump myself up over to get the next letter grade by 0.07 but I am still curious
 jgrant34 Tue 11/30 13:04 Yes, refer to the final grade FAQs page and the final grade calculator on the announcements tab.
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ngentry3 Tue 11/30 11:57  #hw57b-1 #q3479: I am unsure if I have managed to mess up my sim on a base level but no matter what I do, my plot of x does not match the correct answer. I was wondering if it's possible that the wrong plot got chosen for the correct answer on the problem?
 gnorther Tue 11/30 12:07 Make sure that your simulink matches the picture on the practice page. Ensure that you are using the right inputs on the integrator blocks. Initial conditions go into the bottom input. For the practice assignment, make sure to model your equation. This will not be identical to the graph given on the practice page, but it will be very similar.
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