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**Start early on assignments** so you can maximize the available resources and your score. **NO HELP SESSIONS DURING SPRING RECESS** # 2022 Help sessions (stay tuned for updates)
Friday May 612-4pStaffZeanah 358
Monday May 93:15-5:15Matthew178 / Zoom
Tuesday May 104:10-6pJordanZeanah 170/178
Wednesday May 111-4p
CalebZeanah 170/178 and Zoom
Monday May 169am-12pmJosh178 and Zoom
12-3pmJosh178 and Zoom
3-6pmGrayson178 and Zoom
# Discussion board Post questions on the discussion board and they should get answered within a few hours. The instructor and TAs monitor the board, and other students are encouraged to help out as well. You can sign up to automatically receive all discussion board notices from the discussion board settings link. You can upload your program to the dropbox or homework notes box and the TAs and instructors can view it. **You should not post large amounts of code or entire HW solutions directly on the discussion board.** # Meeting with Dr B Dr Biegalski has an open door policy - if she is around she is happy to help. Her office is 363B. Email her to schedule an appointment at your convenience. # Email The discussion board is a better option for general questions. If you have a personal or sensitive question or a grade question please email and indicate "EF 230" in the subject line. # GroupMe If you would like to create a GroupMe for your classmates and invite your instructor(s) to join, please do so. We are happy to provide assistance and answer questions through this platform. There is a student-created EF230 GroupMe for Spring 2022. Contact us if you'd like to join. # Supplemental Instruction Alex Barrett, an Honors Biomedical Engineeering Student, is the Vol Study Center EF230 tutor this semester. You can schedule appointments with Alex, including weekly appointments, at this link - appointments. or drop in during his evening sessions - schedule (Hodges 220K and Online, 6-7:30 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:30-8 PM Wednesdays). The Academic Success Center also provides academic coaching and assistance with study skills and academic struggles. See for more details.