EF 230 Missed Class Forms

Please do not send an email asking what to do for a missed class. Instead:
  1. Please carefully review the Absence Policies on the syllabus.
  2. Fill out the relevant form below and read the form instructions.
  3. You are responsible for the missed class material posted in the Learning Pages.
  4. Complete all the assignments for your missed class by the posted due date. If you are absent for a lab in which a team m-files/plots submission to the dropbox is required, you must do the work to create and submit the file(s) on your own.
  5. If dropbox uploads were required along with "Select a Team", please follow the "Select a Team" instructions to select your own team with no other students on it. This step is required to create the dropbox for submitting your work.
  6. If you miss a team project day, refer to the additional requirement on the syllabus, you must email your team members and cc instructors so everyone is aware of your plan to get caught up and contribute moving forward.
If you are missing a class, fill out this form: [Missed Class Form](./labmiss.php) If you are missing an exam day, fill out this form: Exam Absence form