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## First Year / Transfer Student Vol Success Team First-year or transfer students have a dedicated Vol Success Team – an academic advisor, academic coach, and a One Stop counselor. These are three advocates dedicated to your success. - Academic Advisor: provide professional advising that assists and engages you in exploring majors and careers together with your chosen area of study - Academic Coach: helps you maximize your strengths and understand how those strengths contribute to your academic path and personal well-being. Helps to develop semester goals and create an academic success plan. - One Stop Counselor: provides information about financial aid, student accounts, and enrollment processes ## Resources for all Students |---|---| |**Counseling**| For counseling or mental health concerns regarding yourself or another student, contact the Counseling Center or the help line (865) 974-HELP. M-F 8AM-5PM. Student Health Building, 2nd floor. Masks required.| |**Computer, login or Tech Issues**| Visit, live chat, or call OIT (Office of Information Technology) Walk in Help Desk - Commons North -2nd Floor Hodges. Mon-Thu: 9am-9pm, Fri: 9am-5pm, Sat: Closed, Sun: 4pm-9pm| |**Connecting with multicultural and underrepresented engineering students**|The Office of Diversity Programs 301 Perkins Hall, coming to Zeanah Fall 2021 | |**Engineering Co-ops and Internships**|Visit Engineering Professional Practice 110 Perkins Hall, coming to Zeanah Fall 2021| |**Academic Success**|For tutoring, supplemental instruction, academic coaching, workshops, and more, visit Student Success Center Main location - Greve Hall, Room 324| |**Engineering Advising**|The Engineering Advising Office helps you plan your academic program and courses and navigate you to other UT resources. They offer both appointments and drop in advising. Drop-in dates/times are listed on their website: 316A Perkins Hall, coming to Zeanah Fall 2021 | |**Career Exploration**| For career counseling, career exploration classes, interest and personality assessments, and resources to help you choose a major and career, contact the Center for Career Development & Academic Exploration | |**Service and Leadership**|Visit the Center for Leadership and Service| |**Undergraduate research**|Office of Undergraduate Research and the TCE Engineering Research Office| |**Outdoor Programs**|Guided Trips, rental equipment, bike maintenance, bike shop, climbing wall - UTOP| |**Sports**| Intramurals, Sports Clubs, Aquatics, and Fitness programming - TRECS / Rec Sports| |**Connecting with International Students**| For International and domestic students who want to to engage and grow as global citizens, create international friendships, get language practice, and participate in programs and events celebrating cultures and countries around the world - International House| |**Food insecurity**|Smokey's Pantry is a food pantry located in Tyson House available for UTK students and staff who need help securing enough food, open every Tuesday from 4PM-6PM.| |**Professional Clothing**|Professional clothing for interviews and presentations - Smokey's | |**Registration, academic records, financial aid, tuition**|OneStop Hodges Ground Floor M-F 9-5| |**Financial Wellness and budgeting**|The Center for Financial Wellness can assist you with money management through one-on-one appointments and online resources| |**Health Education** |Education including programs on Nutrition, being an active bystander, consent, alcohol and drug use, smoking cessation| |**Medical Services**|UTK Student Health Center MTRF 8AM-5PM, W 9-5, Student Health Services Building, Masks required or 24 HR nurse line 865-974-5080. | |**LGBTQQIA Support**|Support, resources, and a community space for UT’s LGBTQQIA and ally students, faculty, and staff, as well as anyone who seeks to learn about topics related to sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression. Pride Center| |**self-defense classes**|UT Police Department's Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)| |**Campus Safety**|Live Safe Campus **Safety** App - allow friends to virtually "walk" home with you, anonymous text-a-tip, and emergency call buttons to UTPD and 911.| |**Arts Events**|| |**Watch VOL Sports**| | |**UT Student Orgs**|| |**Engineering Student Orgs**|| |**Engineering Makerspace**|Innovation & Collaboration Studio open 9am-4pm,M-F, reserve your appointment at |**Campus Event Calendar**|| |**TCE Event Calendar**||