UTK EF GTA Application

Graduate Teaching Assistants in Engineering Fundamentals

Graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) in the Engineering Fundamentals Program serve as the primary facilitators of labs for engineering physics, numerical analysis, computer programming and professional skills development. GTAs work with undergraduate assistants to provide an active and hands-on learning environment with small class sections. GTAs are expected to have a strong desire to work with first-year students and to be proactive in helping students, encouraging, and enthusiatic.

EFP Curriculum and Position Responsibilities

Applicants are encouraged to explore the Engineering Fundamentals web site (http://efcms.engr.utk.edu) to learn more about the courses. Here is a video describing the responsibilities.

Work Committment

GTA assistantships are a 20 hour per week commitment. Applicants need to be aware of this commitment when planning their graduate program. In particular, first year students in the dual MS/MBA program often do not have sufficient time to meet the requirements of this assistantship.

Work Requirements and Position Details

Applicants must abide by the following requirements to be considered for a position:
  • GTAs must be full time graduate students in the Tickle College of Engineering.
  • Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in engineering or computer science.
  • Applicants whose native language is not English are required to take and pass the OPIc Test with a Superior or AH score.
The assistantships carry a tuition waiver and stipend.

Applications and Interviews

Applications for the Fall semester will be reviewed beginning February 21 and will continue until all positions are filled.

Apply on-line for a GTA position*
*requires a UT NetID or a local EF account - create a local EF account.

EF Oustanding GTA Award

The EF Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) Award honors outstanding achievement in teaching by a graduate teaching assistant. Each semester EF instructors will select one outstanding graduate teaching assistant to receive the $300 award. Each recipient will be formally recognized by having their name added to the EF Outstanding GTA plaque.

The Award Winner will be chosen based on demonstration of excellence as evidenced by:

  • Receiving the highest student accolades
  • Enthusiasm for the subject
  • Exceptional knowledge about the material
  • Skilled at leading students through self-discovery of the material
  • Additional effort and hours above and beyond assigned responsibilities
  • Taking a leadership role in guiding other TA’s
  • Demonstrating exceptional willingness to help students before and after class, and outside of class
  • Being encouraging and invested in student success on an individual level
  • Being a valuable resource to students during projects

Past recipients of the Outstanding GTA Award are:

  • Spring 2015: Jakob Brisby
  • Fall 2015: Scott Poligone
  • Spring 2016: Stefy Stand
  • Fall 2016: Rachel Thompson
  • Spring 2017: Charlie Johnson
  • Fall 2017: Danny Splane
  • Spring 2018: Heather Kiger
  • Fall 2018: Stan Hunter
  • Spring 2019: Landon Pauls
  • Fall 2019: Clint Jordan
  • Spring 2020: Sonja Feck
  • Fall 2020: John Thress
  • Spring 2021: Johnathon West and Corey Johnson
  • Fall 2021: Joshua Fagan
  • Spring 2022: Joey Reilman
  • Fall 2022: Matthew Whisenant